Injured Workers

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مراسم تقدیر از مریم ناظمی برای حمایت بیدریغ ایشان از کارگران صدمه دیده - 6 نوامبر 2015

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Injured Workers - 2014 Vigil

Maryam Nazemi introducing Injured Workers support to the Iranian community (2014)

Injured Workers Abandoned by Workers Comp


Cover Me - WSIB - Dec, 2013

Watch this great video, to know better Maryam Nazemi and the noble cause that she is fighting for more than 10 years. She is decided to make this cause our community's cause, a community of more than 150.000 people, mostly workers. We won't leave her alone as her cause is ours. Union of Farsi Speaking Workers (UOFSW) is her dream. Let's make her dream be our goal.

Maryam Nazemi (2013)

Injured Workers - Vigil 2013

Robert Storey (2013)

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