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Hambastegi . Hemayat (H.H)

 H.H is a collective of individuals who are putting their effort together to support human rights and fight social injustices.

H.H believes that freedom, democracy and human rights are the path toward love, peace and joy.



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ءمرکز اسناد حقوق بشر ایران

An Introduction to the
Iran Human Rights Documentation Center with
Executive Director Ms. Gissou Nia

Topics of the speech include:
1- A brief history and background information about the Iran
Human Rights Documentation Center (IHRDC)
2- Introducing the founders, activists, and groups working with IHRDC
3- A report summarizing IHRDC's activities and methods since its inception
4- Plans for the future and how to support IHRDC
5- Question & answer session

Ms. Gissou Nia obtained her undergraduate degree in political science from UCLA, and she received her law degree from Rutgers University.

In addition to her position as Executive Director of the Iran Human
Rights Documentation Center, Gissou has worked on war crimes and
crimes against humanity trials before the International Criminal Tribunal
for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) and the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Friday January 25th, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
North York Civic Centre - 5100 Yonge St., Council Chamber

Part (1) of (7) Introduction

Part (2) of (7) Kaveh Shahrooz

Part (3) of (7) Gissou Nia

Part (4) of (7) Q/A

Part (5) of (7) Q/A

Part (6) of (7) Hossein Raeissi

Part (7) of (7) Sepehr's Case

گزارش مفصل جلسه سخنرانی در نشریه شهروند

گزارش مختصر جلسه سخنرانی در نشریه شهرما صفحه 82-83

در حواشی حقوق بشر


ماهنامه خط صلح - جون 2015 - میزان تاثیر مذاکرات هسته‌ای بر موضوع حقوق بشر در ایران/ حسین رئیسی




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