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We mean Human Rights in Canada!"

NO TD is not a registered organization. It doesn't have any legal entity. This is a collective of individuals who are putting their efforts together to fight Human Rights abuses in Canada.

This is a self generated movement against a social injustice. Everyone's participation is needed. All suggestions are welcomed.

Please contact us at  info@notd.ca

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TD Canada Trust: We call for the boycott and denouncement of TD Canada Trust.


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Condemn TD Bank in their Treatment of clients with Iranian Background


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To know better TD's actual situation in the world


Whose TDís Chief Compliance Officer?

The former Chief Compliance Officer of embattled Barclays bank, thatís who.



If  TD cares about customer accountability why did it withdraw

from the OBSI External Ombudsman Process?



Why did TD bank finances a $1.2 billion Ponzi Scheme in Florida?


Condemn TD

Save our Canada from Human -Right abuses

TD Bank has taken it upon itself to implement extra-judicial and discriminatory policies that target Canadian citizens of Iranian heritage, rather than adhere to the letter and spirit
of the new sanctions and the exemptions and exceptions that are intended to govern their implementation( sec 5) by arbitrarily closing bank accounts, calling back mortgages, closing
lines of credits, and as the result damaging lives beyond repair.

The actions of TD are neither necessitated by the law nor by any interest in national security. Rather, their
new policy systematically institutionalizes prejudice against those of Iranian heritage.

In order to show our solidarity with those affecters of
this human right abuse, a gathering is arranged outside